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For your travel to take place under the best conditions we bring to your knowledge the following information regarding the car rental through ClassicRentAuto:

Art.1 The car is rented in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement. Please read carefully these rental conditions which you must acknowledge that you took note of and you undertake to comply hereof by signing the Rental Agreement.

According to the laws in force, we bring to your knowledge the fact that smoking in the rented cars is not allowed.
Also, the pets shall be transported only in special transport boxes.

The cars shall be rented only by persons having a valid national or international driving license, for at least one year and older than 21 years, already reached at the date of car rental.

Art.2 Document necessary for rental are as follows:
2.1 In original: driving license, valid passport or identity card. All driving licenses issued in EU are recognised and accepted for rental. In the event there is no legalised translation of the documents disclosed, the holder is required the transcription of data with Latin characters. Should the driving license of the person renting the car or of the additional driver be issued by a country outside the European Union and not drafted in Latin characters, an international driving license must be presented. An international driving license must be presented together with the national driving license.

If there is an additional driver, he/she must be present at the time of taking-over the Car and he/she must present the valid identity document/passport and the driving license.
2.2 Proof of paying the fee, pursuant to the invoice issued by the company.

Art.3.1 The fee shall be paid in RON, at the exchange rate determined and disclosed by the provider in the agreement.

3.2 The proof of payment of the fee is made only based on the invoice issued by the company.

Art.4.1 Upon rental, the client should submit a guarantee corresponding to the class of the rented car, according to the list of prices disclosed and the cost of the actual rental
4.2 The guarantee shall serve to cover the damages caused to the car from client’s fault.
4.3 The guarantee shall be fully refunded if the rented car is returned at the date and time set forth in the agreement, with all inventory items checked, without any internal or external damages or other damages not covered by the insurance, occurred during the contracting period.

Art.5 The responsibility of the client in the event of an accident, loss of inventory objects or damage of the goods inside the car is limited by the guarantee submitted upon renting the car, only if the damages are caused under the insurance limits.

Art.6 Rental fee:

6.1 Rental for one day represents the fee for renting the car “24 h” corresponding to the rented car.
6.1 The rental fee includes:

– Unlimited number of kilometers


– Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (RCA)

– Road tax

– Casco insurance (insurance of transport facilities)

– Periodical technical reviews up to date and car maintenance

Art.7 Contraventions

7.1. As User of the Vehicle, throughout the rental period, you shall be liable, legally and financially, for the failure to comply with the laws in force and you shall be required to pay within the deadlines set forth by the law, the fines issued by any authorised institution. Failure to comply with the laws in force refers strictly to the User/ Car Driver; in no case shall refer to the car or the car owner.

7.2. In the event of accident or damage caused to the Car, with an identified third party, not needing immediate repair, you should notify immediately the Classic Rent Auto rental office.
You are required to disclose upon returning the Car the following: an amicable acknowledgment correctly filled in and signed or a report issued by the Police and a repair authorisation (in the event of an accident or damage with an identified third party, whether you rare liable or not), copy of the driving license, copies of the identity cards, copy of the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, copy of the vehicle registration certificate of the third party involved. Otherwise the complementary insurances and the additional protection services, possibly contracted, shall not be applicable and you will be liable for all the prejudices that would be attributable to you, particularly for those caused to the car, under the limit of the market value of the car, to which are added expenses and costs related to the transport and immobilisation hereof, and also compensations covering the possible damage caused to a third party.
The contract holder or the additional driver should also fill in the internal form – Statement of the driver with regard to the circumstances under which the accident occurred.

7.3. In the event of car theft: within 4 hours as of the time you were made aware of the event, you should make a statement with regard to the theft, in front of the competent authorities and you should send to a ClassicRentAuto representative the report related to filling in the complaint, Car’s documents and its ignition key.
Should the ignition key and/or documents be also stolen with the Car, you are required to notify such aspect to the competent authorities, to include it in the complaint filed in. Otherwise, and unless force majeure can be proven, which makes impossible sending the report related to filling in the complaint, the Car’s ignition key and documents within such time, the complementary insurances and the additional protection services possibly contracted, shall not be applicable and ClassicRentAuto will invoice all the prejudices that would be attributable to you, particularly those caused to the car, under the limit of the market value of the car, increased by the related expenses.

Art.8 Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (RCA)

By renting a car, you benefit from the motor third party liability insurance under the law. The Motor Third Party Liability Insurance guarantees the financial consequences of the bodily injuries and material damages the driver may cause to third parties while in the Cat.
These exclude:
Bodily injuries suffered by the driver and/or passengers of the Car (especially in the event of accident);
Damages caused to the Car;
Damages caused to goods, objects and animals transported in the Car.
You shall be liable for the material damages occurred by the Car and the theft of the Car under the limit of a maximum financial liability.

Art.9 The rental fee does not include:
9.1 Fuel, tolls, garage, transshipment during the rental, fines or parking fees.
9.2 Insurance for persons and luggage in the vehicle.

Art.10 Other fees charged, in the following cases:
10.1 Rental of the car in the time frame 20:00 – 09:00AM is deemed \\\”Extra Hour\\\” and shall be charged at EURO 15.
10.2 Requesting a child seat during the rental period shall be charged at EURO 10.
10.3 Providing a driver for a period shorter or equal to hours/day 8 shall be charged at EURO/ day 25
10.4 Providing a driver for a period longer than hours/day 8 shall be charged at EURO/ day 35 to which are added the accommodation and meal expenses.
10.5 Handing over the car in a location other than the one it was rented from shall be charged at EUR / km 0.5.
10.6 The difference of fuel between the quantity handed over upon rental and the one taken over upon termination of the rental agreement shall be charged at EUR / litre 1.5 of missing fuel.
10.7 Exceeding by 1 hour the termination deadline (date and time) shall be charged with the value of a termination day, pursuant to the agreement.
10.8 To determine the lack or damage of the inventory items mentioned in the agreement, the firm revers the right to withhold, partially or totally, from the amount of the guarantee deposited upon rental.
10.9 Taking over of handing over the car rented in Bucharest shall be charged at EUR 10.

Art.10 Personal data processing

ClassicRentAuto has a database of personal data collected upon signing the Rental Agreement. Such data shall be processed by ClassicRentAuto to be able to manage the rental and its related operations (for example: invoicing) and to send you commercial information.

In accordance with Law 677/2001 you shall benefit from the right to access, intervention upon the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to address the court. At the same time, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to request such data to be deleted. To exercise such right, you may send a written application, dated and signed, by email at the following address: office@classicrentauto.

Art.11 Extension, termination and cancellation of the agreement

11.1. The terms of extension, termination or early cancellation of the Agreement may be determined only with the approval of ClassicRentAuto.

11.2. Client’s intention to extend the Agreement shall be communicated to ClassicRentAuto, at least 24 hours prior to the expiry of the Agreement. The fee agreed upon shall be paid under the same terms based on which the original agreement was entered into. The Agreement may be also extended by the written consent of both parties.

11.3. The Agreement shall be terminated as of right at the end of the rental period.

11.4. The Agreement may cease prior to reaching the deadline set forth, by agreement of the parties or following the cancellation.

11.5. In the event the Agreement is cancelled, ClassicRentAuto shall notify the Client, by telephone or email.

11.6. Both for termination prior to reaching the deadline set forth and for cancellation of the Agreement, the Client is required to hand over the car within 12 hours as of the time of the cancellation.

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rental conditions

Rental conditions ClassicRentAuto
Car rental services in Romania

   Most of those who have tried such service primarily reproached hidden costs. Hence a number of irregularities that make the car rental market to be uncertain and full of risks.
We established a car rental business inspired precisely by the reasons mentioned above. Namely the hidden costs that many companies practice them as rental conditions.

At ClassicRentAuto we started with the idea of offering the most competitive prices. Above all to be transparent and to welcome your needs with the best deals.
Our company offers Car Renting services that get noticed through FREE delivery to the address chosen by the client, FREE optional insurance, Mandatory insurance, Romania vignette, Unlimited mileage and driver on request.
We provide other facilities as GPS and baby seat.

To Avoid…

The most common cases are those when the bookings were made online with payment in advanced.. but the company that provided these services was nowhere to be found later.
We recommend a more thorough research in advance for the rental conditions. Check the feedbacks received from others.
Bad news travel fast! Do simple lookups on search engines. Simple terms like “car rental Bucharest ClassicRentAuto opinions” can clarify whether you are dealing with a serious company or not.
Take advantage from time to read all the details stipulated in the rental conditions.
Avoid last minute rentals because the risk of finding something very expensive is higher. Rentals from Airports are usually 10-30% more expensive than in town.
Hopefully the tips for renting a car will bring only pleasant experiences.


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